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Welcome to Robin's home page

Music is an opportunity to create order out of chaos, to combine poetry with abstract journalism, and philosophy with beauty. Or maybe it is just good fun and a great tonic (geddit?) to be able to express yourself in a way that you can kid yourself others might also appreciate one day.


Speak No Evil by mr.stem


In the Matter of Production by mr.stem


More In Common With Wendy’s Dog by mr.stem


Roughly Speaking by mr.stem


A Memento by mr.stem

I have been experimenting for around 30 years since I was 14 years old and first thought it would be fun to play the drums so that I could join my chums in a band. I never had the patience to learn an instrument properly, so I mostly figured things out for myself; the only exceptions being a series of very belated drum lessons to get over that tricky double-beat hang-up, and a short course sufficient to work out which end to blow into the saxophone.

I'm a mathematician by education, and I find constant beauty in the way that elements of music come together. The power of instinct and intuition to create and arrange co-exists naturally with the very technical details which you need to master to succeed in production.

I played in various bands as a student, Contact at school, and then Still Life at university, and then took a more controlling role with Curious for three years after university until I reluctantly accepted that sophisticated rock/folk music just wasn't in style.

Since then I have kept writing and recording at home, and have just completed my latest album, Speak no evil, which is my first 'digital through and through' production.

Nowadays my children are starting to tell me that I definitely have something, and even their friends like my music! The immediate priority is to help the children grow up, and to make more of my back-catalogue available on CD (the mastering is already done) while not losing sight of the need to keep cutting fresh material, or earning a living for that matter! Not sure if those two objective will always be separate ...

Oh, and you probably want to know what my music is like; to which I would say (a) listen to the samples, (b) get a copy of my CD (contact me), and (c) my influences include Yes, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake and Prefab Sprout (to name but a few).


I sing and most frequently play drums, electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, and alto saxophone. All my work is self-written, and recorded and produced at home. Lovingly maintained tape machines have been superseded by multi-track hard-disk recording (Emagic Logic 5.5.1 for Windows – actually already near obsolete).


2008: Speak no evil
2000: In the matter of production
1995: More in common with Wendy's dog
1992: Roughly speaking
1990: A memento (with Hilary Bailey)
1986: In the pink (with Hilary Bailey)
1985: Born with the moon in cancer
1984: Aspiration

Professional life

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